• ADRIFT: A Medieval Wayward Folly – a new work in progress by Happenstance Theater.  Happenstance Theater is developing a new work inspired by medieval imagery and archetypes collected from the works of Hieronymous Bosch, Pieter Bruegel, the Tarot, and reinterpretations of religious art. Drawing parallels between our current moment and the “dark ages,” the ensemble will explore and exploit buffoonery, magic, notions of good, evil, and absurdity with angelic music, devised and existing text, puppetry and movement. Like a ship of fools, this pod of eccentrics will drift into the world to bring delight, share hopes and fears, find a way forward and then parade away.  Performances: January 27 – February 5, 2023  https://www.joesmovement.org/listofevents/2023/adrift-1
  • Gwen was a guest on the Standardized Patient Podcast – telling a story about a particularly wacky experience involving giving birth to fake babies with a training pelvis. Listen here on Apple Podcasts, or on Spotify.
  • Now Available online! The Juxtapose Tenement, a theatrical-website-collage in action inspired by the work of Joseph Cornell. This virtual shadow-box tenement building features portals through which visitors glean poetic glimpses of characters, environments, and fantasias. Explore: https://www.happenstancetheater.com/juxtapose-tenement  tea
  • Also online, the epically silly 6-episode musical comedy webseries Dr. Dour & Peach.  Gwen plays a deceased wife who is resurrected, possessed by a cat, becomes a zombie, etc etc.  Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2Q7DVJHrlM and subscribe to the YouTube page HERE.  The series has been featured in Cleveland Horror Hotel’s 2020/2021 Film Festival, Minnesota Web Fest 2020 (winner, “Best Host”), and Baltimore Next Media Web Fest 2020 (winner, “Best Musical Series,” “Best Writing in a Fantasy/Sci-Fi Series,” and “Best Social Media”) You can also see updates over on their Facebook or Instagram. 120300090_2806180923000703_4791570222583259935_o
You can watch additional videos of Gwen’s work HERE.
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