• Gwen was a guest on the Standardized Patient Podcast – telling a story about a particularly wacky experience involving giving birth to fake babies with a training pelvis. Listen here on Apple Podcasts, or on Spotify.
  • Now Available online! The Juxtapose Tenement, a theatrical-website-collage in action inspired by the work of Joseph Cornell. This virtual shadow-box tenement building features portals through which visitors glean poetic glimpses of characters, environments, and fantasias. Explore: https://www.happenstancetheater.com/juxtapose-tenement  tea
  • Also online, the epically silly 6-episode musical comedy webseries Dr. Dour & Peach.  Gwen plays a deceased wife who is resurrected, possessed by a cat, becomes a zombie, etc etc.  Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2Q7DVJHrlM and subscribe to the YouTube page HERE.  The series has been featured in Cleveland Horror Hotel’s 2020/2021 Film Festival, Minnesota Web Fest 2020 (winner, “Best Host”), and Baltimore Next Media Web Fest 2020 (winner, “Best Musical Series,” “Best Writing in a Fantasy/Sci-Fi Series,” and “Best Social Media”) You can also see updates over on their Facebook or Instagram. 120300090_2806180923000703_4791570222583259935_o
You can watch additional videos of Gwen’s work HERE.
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